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Up for a 7 Day Challenge?

Up for a 7 Day Challenge?

December 09, 2020

First Steps to Vaping 

You’ve made the brilliant decision to #FeelTheSmooth with RELX! 

We put together a 7-Day Challenge to assist you with your first week of using our devices. Below is the day-by-day breakdown with some tips on what to expect during your first week with your RELX device. For this challenge, the goal is to use your RELX device for 7 days! With some courage to try new things, you can try this better alternative and pass the 7-Day Challenge!

If this is your first time vaping or if you are curious how vape pens work, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide for your first RELX product. 

Day 1: One Week, Only Your RELX 

For the first day of this challenge, focus on being more familiar with the device. As you inhale, do you notice the indicator light? And, if you’re ever running low on battery, just plug it in and in minutes, you will be ready to go.*

When you vape, you just need to take your device when you leave home. RELX devices are reliable and always ready.

Day 2: Notice the Unique Satisfaction

Congratulations on finishing your first day with your RELX device!

If this is your first time vaping, keep in mind that combustible cigarettes and vape devices are quite different products. For example, when vaping the satisfaction will be delayed from what you’re used to, but it only takes a few minutes. 

Vaping provides a unique satisfaction that is different from combustible cigarettes.  

Day 3: Stay Hydrated

On to Day 3! You’re almost halfway through the week! 

As you vape, your mouth may feel a little dry in the beginning. This should gradually disappear. So make sure to drink water to stay hydrated. 

Keep going! You can do this!

Day 4: Control Your Pace

Now that you have made it to the 4th day, you’re officially across the halfway point for this 7-Day Challenge! 

Every time you vape, you can take control of each session and how many puffs you want. You’re in full control of how long and often you feel like vaping. Plus with the RELX Infinity device, you can control your vaping session with the Smart Pace Vibration Alert which will alert you if you inhale 15 times within 15 minutes. 

Just a few more days!

Day 5: Get Closer 

Hooray! You’re now on day 5! 

Since vape devices produce no smoke or lingering smoke smells, you don’t have to feel the need to avoid your loved ones. You can get closer with confidence. 

You’re almost at the end of the challenge! To celebrate your progress, why not hang out with your friends or family and see if they notice any changes? 

You just have 2 days left of the challenge!

Day 6: Try a New Flavour!

Only one more day to go! 

Did you know RELX offers a range of unique flavours? With many flavours to choose from, you’ll be surprised which one becomes your favourite. Some flavours will be familiar and others will be a pleasant surprise. Each flavour, even familiar ones, unlocks new experiences.

You may be wondering what is inside the flavour pods. Each flavour pod is filled with e-liquid which contain ingredients found in many of your everyday products. More specifically, vape juice contains just a few ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Benzoic acid, flavourings and nicotine.

 Day 7: Welcome to the Super Smooth™ World! 

You’ve made it one week with your RELX device! Congratulations on completing this challenge! Welcome to the Super Smooth World! 

This was a challenge and you aced it! Now that you have completed the 7-Day Challenge, it's time to share your story to help others try this better alternative! If there are other adult smokers or vapers in your life, they too can #FeelTheSmooth and take the 7-Day Challenge with RELX! 


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RELX’s products are not just simple vaping devices. They are cutting-edge products that represent the most advanced generation of vaping technology. Our vaping devices and products combine elegant and modern designs with an innovative, next-generation technology to provide you with a reliable and stylish replacement for cigarette smoking.


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*Most devices are fully charged in 45 minutes.

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